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Akinlabi Akinbulumo is the CEO and founder of Gr8an, a brand and business model development company. An ardent follower of the Sun Tzu philosophy, Akinlabi is constantly driven by the maxim: “The true product of a company, regardless of its resources, is the quality of its thinking.”

Gr8an was set up to change the perception of the effect of brand strategy on business strategy and help position Nigerian companies to achieve true decisive advantage in the market place. Gr8an has since its establishment worked on a good number of brands including some of Nigeria’s big brand names. It is also in the process of developing a brand strategy training school called DA Enterprise.



8 Things Your Work Force Should Know



Every company usually has a goal it hopes to achieve; its vision. Most companies outline targets that help guide them to accomplishing that goal, such as; Where they want to get to at the end of a business year, what sort of clients they want to serve and how many clients they can effectively service. In reality as companies grow the top executives cannot achieve these goals by themselves and have to rely on an extremely important, vital and valuable resource called ‘People’ or as we’ll call it their Work Force (I just had a sudden thought that the work force of any company is like “Power Rangers…)

As I was saying, the growth of most companies usually results in a corresponding growth in the work force, also the effectiveness and efficiency of the company is directly linked to the performance of this work force. It is crucial for the leaders of such companies to ensure that their work force is equipped with the necessary and appropriate skills to deliver effective and efficient services The Decisive Advantage:

1. PRODUCT DESIGN: Product design refers to how art, philosophy, science and technology combine together to help create a product that people can truly use. Your work force needs to make whatever product and service you are providing easy and reliable. Find more on how to do this HERE

2. TONE OF VOICE: A tone of voice is the embodiment of what you say, how you say those words, the way the words are arranged, even the rhythm and pace of delivery (Harriet Cummings). A company’s tone of voice would inform all the written elements of its brand communications, such as its website, social media messages, marketing promotions (adverts), emails and product packaging. Find more about how Tone of Voice for your team is important  HERE

3. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Most companies fail to realize that the way customers are treated is a reflection of how their staff is treated in house, and not a result of how sophisticated their CRM software is. How is your workforce treating your customers? check HERE 

4. USER FRIENDLINESS: This is about how your work force makes sure that your services are customer- friendly. How many of your customers feel like they totally understand what you are offering? Is your team explaining it properly? Are your customers buying into the product/service/idea? Figure it all out HERE

5. VISIBILITY AND FREQUENCY IN MARKETING: ARE YOU AWARE of what people really think when they see your logo? How strong your name recognition is? How you can evaluate your visibility and frequency of your marketing? This is very important for you to know and for your work force to understand. Learn to sell yourself well HERE

6. EFFECTIVE TOUCH POINTS: Whenever people make contact with any aspect of a brand whether tangible or intangible artifacts of the brand they leave with an experience. Contact here could be anything from viewing a brand’s signage to opening a soda bottle, or viewing a website or listening to a radio jingle. What do your customers feel when they come in contact with your workforce? This is how you know NOW

7. DELIVERY SPEED AND TURNOVER: Time is ticking and your customers and clients are on the clock. They will not wait for your company and team to get their act together or take their sweet time delivering a product. I mean, how else will you make that money if your team is lagging behind? This is how you know what to do HERE

8. FRIENDLY PRODUCT PRICING: We all want to make money quickly. Who doesn’t? But do your customers feel like they are taken advantage of? Do they know why they are paying so high or leaving unsatisfied? Friendly product pricing is definitely the sure way to have loyal customers and give your workforce the backing to sell your product appropriately. How do you go about this? Find Out HERE 
As a customer, I look out for at least one of these things above when I want to buy something or use a service. So what is your company not doing yet?
Do you think I missed something out?





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In my observation, “User Interface” is probably the second most misconceived term after “Branding”. Third on that list will be “Selfie”, all thanks to Instagram. The term User Interface refers to the space or environment where human interaction occurs with a product. The goal of this interaction is full control of the product on the user’s end with the aim of getting desired feedback from the product.

Simply put, the knob is the user interface for a door like the steering is to a car. Without the ability of a user to control a product in such a way that it aligns with his decision making process, the product is “USE-less”. Facebook is one product that over the years,  has modified its interface continually to give its wide spectrum of users more control. Although this term has been used to refer to digital products and services, it applies to others as well.

Where would you say the user interface for a supermarket is and what elements are important to optimizing user experience?

Follow me, I am going somewhere with this.

For the last few weeks in the Gr8an10 series, we have shared some criteria we believe make brands THE CHOICE in the market place. Today, I would like to add a new item to that list: Product Design.


Product design refers to how art, philosophy, science and technology combine together to help create a product that people can truly use.

product design needs to take into account how an item will perform in an efficient, safe and reliable manner. Great offering designers understand that these offerings only succeed when an apt user interface is included in the mix. Products should be developed with purpose in mind and in such a way that users can interface with the product to consistently achieve this purpose. This invariably means that developers who study and understand human behavior will deploy the best offerings.

In his book Buyology, Martin Lindstrom attempts to identify the factors that influence buyers’ decisions in a world cluttered with messages. He explains how cigarette and beer companies increase sales every year regardless of stricter restrictions imposed on advertising.

How much do you know about the life pattern of the people you design offerings for? Do you understand why they behave the way they do?


In recent times, more and more people buy into products/services that enhance their choice of lifestyle. The basis for choice lies in the question “How can I use this product to make me be more of whom I have chosen to be?” Wise product developers have as a result,  developed strategies to position their offerings to answer the above user question. Wiser product developers have gone a step further to design their offerings in such a way that they deliver on a promise they have made when projecting their brand. Whenever you pick up a product from such companies, you can tell what the heart of their business is and what they desire to project. Because the brand by definition resides in the mind and heart of the consumer, these products ultimately resonate with them and are seen as extensions of their person rather than possessions.

What first comes to mind when a woman walks into the room in red bottom Louboutins or when a young man enters the room with Beats by Dre headphones?
Products should be designed with purpose, appeal and functionality in mind. They should more importantly be designed with your desired positioning at the core. Do not design to stand out. Design to stand forward. The former only lets you get noticed but the latter is aimed at ensuring you are always picked from the crowd. The battle is won by the CHOSEN not the noticed.

Here is my Gr8an10 list and it showcases some “got it right” and “didn’t quite get it right” product designs.


“Got it right”

  1. Nokia Lumia – Everything from the camera positioning to the curve on the screen was deliberate. The lumia 920 was the first device made where the manufacturer answered every challenge from sunlight on screen and touch sensitivity to syncing with accessories and charging.
  2. Apple OS – I call this the OS for even the clueless. Everything is where you would expect that it be. This is the reason why children have adapted easily.
  3. Coca cola bottle – Do I need to say more?
  4. GTBank Banking halls – With the use of space, signs and service reps, you know where to go and what to do immediately you get in.
  5. JBL Speakers – There hasn’t been better portable speaker designs than these. The most popular versions took into consideration that iphone and ipod users were in the majority when it came to needing music output and hence were designed with docks.


“Didn’t quite get it right”

  1. Nigerian Police Force Uniforms – Its black! Why is it black?
  2. Silverbird Entertainment Centres – Every time I visit one,  I get more and more confused. How do you know where to go when there are no direction signs.
  3. Nigerian Match Sticks – I burn myself every time. Every single time. I have absolutely no control.
  4. The Etisalat Nigeria website – You need a guide for the site.
  5. Sweet sensation – How are we supposed to know that you must pick a tray first and travel to get cutlery?No one informs you about this ‘rule’ till you are standing in front of a service person and making your order (usually hungry and with the least amount of tolerance to spare) and they nonchalantly instruct you to go back and pick a tray.


Do you agree and what other companies do you think got their product design right?  Which companies did not? Please use the comment below to share your ideas and your experiences (good or bad) on product design.


Post by Akinlabi Akinbulumo.

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Tone Of Voice



You know sometimes you argue with your mother and she keeps telling you, “It’s not what you said; its how you said it!”??  Yes. That’s exactly what tone of voice is.

As a company, you cannot explain to every potential client individually what your tone of voice is, except you are able to brand yourself well. Your brand will convey this tone and remarkably the tone of voice goes beyond the written words that comprise your brand promise or your mission and vision statement.

A brand is identified by its name, logo, colors, taglines and symbols or a combination of these elements. These elements also help communicate the personality of the brand and that communication is also what defines the tone of voice of the brand.

A tone of voice is the embodiment of what you say, how you say those words, the way the words are arranged, even the rhythm and pace of delivery (Harriet Cummings). A company’s tone of voice would inform all the written elements of its brand communications, such as its website, social media messages, marketing promotions (adverts), emails and product packaging.

So why is this tone of voice so important?

It is important because this is what communicates the brand’s essence to its customers; it embodies and expresses the brand’s values and its personality. This tone of voice is what sets the brand apart and differentiates it from competition: it is that distinction that sets it apart and makes it recognizable and unique just like listening to music where u can tell who exactly is singing. It’s not like you can confuse Beyonce’s tone of voice with Tiwa Savage. So why should a company not be that distinct?

The tone of voice helps establish trust in clients as research has shown that things we are familiar with require little effort to process mentally.  So when customers become used to a brand’s written or expressed tone, they come to be familiar, trusting and rest easy on what the company has promised. One of the most important uses of the tone of voice is to influence people’s perception of the brand such that they associate the brand with positive feelings. Some say “people may not remember exactly what you say but they would remember how you made them feel”. The tone of voice of any brand is a vital tool to gain advantage over competing brands or products, which would help create Decisive Advantage for the company or seller.

Decisive Advantage is a necessity for survival of any business in these times of harsh business climates. By positioning a business in a manner that it becomes the constant and consistent choice in the minds of the consumer, it gives strategic advantage over rival products even before they arrive at the sales point or market place. And you can learn to rule your industry with this advantage. Watch out for Gr8an’s Decisive Advantage Enterprise.

To help you understand better what I mean better, My Special list of companies that use the “Tone Of Voice” technique excellently are:

  1. COCA-COLA:  This is not only because I like Coke but doesn’t thinking about drinking a bottle of cold coke make you happy? Unknown to all of the common men, “HAPPINESS” is the tone of voice that the coca-cola company uses to create emotional connection with their customers. With the bright designs, happy advertising, bright and catchy music and the “Happiness” Tagline, Coca-Cola has got the Tone Of Voice nailed!
  2. ETISALAT: Hip and Funky, Etisalat took over the young Nigerian market with their tone of voice. Asides saying it, they invested time in teaching IT to the younger audience, creating tariffs and mobile platforms that were especially tailored to fitting the young audience’s lifestyle…and more importantly, sponsoring IT programs that will attract the technology forward market. Did they nail it? YES THEY DID!!
  3. MTN: MTN came into the market with this classy, upscale Tone Of Voice. They targeted the working class and upper class men of the Nigerian market and soon enough, became the high middle class and high class preferred mobile network. With sponsoring of high class fashion events and providing services for the upper class entrepreneurs, MTN had sold their message and created a connection with a targeted audience.
  4. GLOBACOM: Another Mobile company that was interested in the common Nigerian Man, Globacom did the exact same thing that their competition did but to a different audience. With the use of the colour green to boost patriotism, they made it the “Nigerian Network: Made For Nigeria By Nigerians” with ridiculously low tariff plans and programs targeted to the lower middle class and low class community.
  5. DUREX: Durex has become the top of the line and easiest to get condom in more than 81 countries worldwide. “Durable, reliable and excellent” was the Tone OF Voice for Durex and everyone wants to be safe, sure and still have fun. Always evolving, their tone of voice always remained the same regardless of how they pushed the limits of play and enjoyment. This made Durex a success!
  6. RED BULL:  Don’t you know “Red Bull” as the sport’s drink? Because their tone of voice is that sports is important and you can always win with Red Bull. Sponsoring Formula 1 and Xtreme Sports, Red Bull became the front line of adrenaline pumping activities and creating a tone of voice to suit that message.
  7. UP, CLOSE AND PERSONAL: These Nigerian world class business consultants have their hands in almost every pie. Interesting that I have never ever seen a logo of this company but I can’t ever forget what they do and how they do it because I constantly run into their name in adverts. I bought into it without even knowing that I had. Simply put, they became the number 1 consultants in my mind and I won’t forget them easily.
  8. INDOMIE: Do I even need to explain? We all eat Indomie because they were able to position themselves strategically and become the number 1 pack of noodles within Nigeria.
  9. HOUSE OF CHI has somehow created this way of making you feel so good that when you want a pack of juice, you suddenly either want Chi Exotic or Hollandia.
  10. THE PLACE has now become this place that once u want some sort of home made food, you think “The Place”. They took bukka cooking to a whole new level and we’ve all bought into their dream and promise of good food.


There are sooooo many companies telling you different things and selling different ideas, but one way to get the decisive advantage is to use the right TONE OF VOICE.

I’d like to know your thoughts. What companies do you think have been able to achieve and excellently sell their ideas to you through the things they have done and how they tell you their ideals? Abi, wetin you feel?


Delivery Speed and Turn Over works hand in hand with any branding technique and would be an excellent choice. Understand it HERE.

Post By Oyin Sanni.

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Customer Service


Customer Service


…Was my first expression at the moment I found out I was to do an article on ‘Customer Service?’ Why? I assumed it was the easiest thing to talk about, plus, it happens to be something I am ‘tres’ passionate about.

Fast-forward a week coupled with a missed deadline, it dawned on me that the content for the article was fostered on  ‘Customer service in Nigeria’ a phrase of which I am sure most of you will agree is Non-existent.


‘Deliver me from *insert the brand that pisses you off the most*’.


I embarked on a rigorous yet intriguing search for those 10 brands that I could truly ‘in my hearts of hearts’ give my stamped approval.

…And thus began my research…


Susan Ward’s 8 rules for customer service’ was quite insightful; especially her 7th Rule – ‘Don’t make promises you can’t keep’. I find it hard to get over the countless number of times I walked into a fast-food restaurant, asked for a ‘chicken and cheese burger’-which, if I might add, is almost always on the menu- and got told  “we don’t have cheese” almost with a complete nonchalant ‘Give-away’ expression.

A few of you might think I am being a bit too ‘fussy’ but this has happened over 20 times and at different branches of one of the most popular fast-food restaurants. But then again I am quite certain most you share my opinion on this.

‘If you don’t have it then why is it on the MENU?!’

…and cheese can be gotten from almost any neighborhood grocery store so what then seems to be the problem?

Jevenik Restaurant on the other hand crosses my mind as a brand that is excellent at customer service.

You walk in and there are ‘tons’ of waiters willing to attend to you, and they sure don’t make promises they can’t keep. A restaurants MENU is its first promise to its customer; and at Jevenik, they have everything on their menu; plus a refreshing breath of cultured staff and a meal you struggle to finish – sounds like a ‘win win’ to me.


So I walked and crawled in my research until McKinsey had me on my toes with an article that talked about how ‘Blue chip organizations’ mistake CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management) for excellent customer service. Most companies fail to realize that the way customers are treated is a reflection of how their staff is treated in house, and not a result of how sophisticated their CRM software is. A noteworthy research from Forrester buttresses this point, as it states that only 10% of business and IT executives surveyed, strongly agreed that business results anticipated from implementing CRM were met or exceeded. I am almost certain that this percentage would have been even less in Nigeria.

Have you been privileged to attend any seminar at Lagos Business School?

You will be blown away as to kind of service you receive, from the gate, to the cafe attendants, all the way to the academic staff. It definitely wasn’t surprising when I learned their academic library is open to ‘all and sundry’.

Just in case you missed my point in my ‘Plenty grammar’‘TRAIN YOUR STAFF!’

I can hear you say enough already with the research so I’ll give you one of my own… BE CONSISTENT! Incase you missed it that was me yelling to all the ‘Nigerian brands’ out there.

So BANKS! You may have every member of staff say hello to me, from the ‘high way’ leading to the bank, up to the banking hall…

… Or even respond to every query I make on your numerous social media platforms…

… But as long as you deprive me of my basic’ banking rights… you need a customer service intervention and all that aforementioned is known as Eye-Service a.k.a Oju Aye’.

Personally, I will prefer you come out straight as the thing we popularly refer to as tissue/wipes (no offense, as I mentioned earlier I am a bit too passionate).


‘Wakanow.com’ strikes me as a consistent brand though, their online platform is super cool, their response to query is fast and apt, and they deliver on their basic promise which is, for lack of a better term, when you wan’ (want to) WAKA (fly), you can do it NOW.

I like the sound of my voice so I’d yell again ‘BE CONSISTENT!’ Dominoes and Coldstone– technically are two brands but to most of us, they stand united. Admittedly, their mindless and incessant chants can be ‘tres’ upsetting, but I’m sure you will agree on my stamp of approval for their customer service and ‘boy! …Are they consistent’.  At every branch you are sure to get a full doze of that annoying chant, a box of pizza and a cup/cone/bowl of ice cream.

Now my next two brands might come across as controversial cause they will really challenge your definition of customer service – Dana Air and Fashola – and who better than Forbes to help me justify my choice of  these two brands?

You did not just include an airline that killed over 150 people in the country now, did you?

Yes I did…and you should allow me my ‘day in court’.

I do agree that for airlines, safety is definitely customer service, but so is admitting your mistakes –as Forbes aptly mentions in its 10 keys of excellent service’. Dana does this well, you get apology mails if a flight gets delayed (unlike one of its biggest rival *insertdeliver me from the airline that comes to mind*), ‘thank you’ mails for flying Dana, their attendants are courteous and respectful, they don’t delay flights just to try and fill up their plane. Now if only, they had put that much work into safety…

Fashola, apologies His Excellency Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola – admittedly is not a brand but if you think about how often Nigerians especially Lagosians refer to him as a standard for politicians; more often than the political party (ACN or APC or whatever they are calling themselves now) under which he operates, you would be assured he must be doing something right.

‘If an individual becomes a standard for his peers, it must mean that individual’s service is one to emulate.’ – Azeezat Bishi

Again I refer to Forbes ‘10 Keys of Excellent Service’ which talked about “Pests” and the need to quickly identify and replace them, as they usually have a significant but negative role in delivering excellent service.

Now you know I did not put up ‘His Excellency’ just because I’m a proud and true Lagosian  (not just by birth *chuckles with pride*). Anyone that knows him knows he doesn’t have an iota of patience to dispense on pests.


Oh you disagree don’t you?… Find out about the controversial deportation of Nigerians from the Centre of Excellence awhile back!


‘Smile folks! ‘Cause Smile is here!

I only just came in contact with this brand two weeks ago and not only was I impressed (I am hardly impressed) with the two members of staff I came in contact with, I literally ‘smiled’ all day soon as I started using their product.

First, it was convenient as a representative of the brand came to us (the team) with the product. Second, he allowed us test run ‘Smile’ with his personal data; the point of which I was impressed.

We then bought the product, and ‘boy! Were we smiling!’– As the Internet was super fast, plus a lot more.

Quite frankly it stirred up a bit of ‘wahala’ at the office ‘cause the rate at which the data depletes is preposterous, so much so that we are starting to think it is a setup to make us spend more… I surely hope  not!


Conclusively, Brands should realize that with excellent customer service, they can position themselves in a place that they will constantly be the ‘choice brand’ regardless of competition, that is to say they have a decisive advantage. I should go on and explain decisive advantage but I think we have exhausted that in our previous posts.

Is this the end?

Have you scrolled up to recount the brands, because you are almost certain it’s not up to 10? Well, I know this is a write up of 10 brands in Nigeria, but I can only give my stamp of approval to 7 brands.

But hey, you couldn’t possibly think that your role here is just to read and digest (hopefully) now did you?

Hit the comment box ASAP and help me out with the remaining 3 from your perspective(s). I will love to say you’re free to disagree with my list of brands with excellent customer service in Nigeria, but I am a fan of the Black Mamba (Kobe Bryant) so I’ll just say you are free to trash-talk.

PS – Feel free to add your #DeliverMeFrom… {Insert brand that drives you nuts}

*Swallows mic and struts out*



Article Written By

Zee Bishi


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Effective Touch Points

At the point where a contact from an institution and a customer meet is usually the point that defines how much of a Decisive Advantage that your company can have.




Imagine you went to a bank (let’s call it “RooBank”) and the security guard was rude to you at the door. If a friend tells you he wants to open an account there, you’d probably discourage him stating; “It’s a useless bank”. You could set out on a mission to spread word about this mishap which could go viral.

The security guard is important to the bank but his behavior has been ascribed to the bank as a whole, irrespective of whether the other people inside the bank offer great service.  This is what happens to many brands. This security guard and any other contact point where the service provider and the customers meet are very important points of interaction and are called the touch points of a brand.

What is a touchpoint?  A touchpoint is any place, artifact or interface where a person experiences a brand (bxp 2012- a brand experience resource http://www.brandexperience.info/definitions/). Whenever people make contact with any aspect of a brand whether tangible or intangible artifacts of the brand they leave with an experience.  Contact here could be anything from viewing a brand’s signage to opening a soda bottle, or viewing a website or listening to a radio jingle. These points of contact or interaction are called TOUCHPOINTS. The experience can engage one or more of a recipient’s five senses and elicit any response. This is important because these experiences gathered over a period of time influences a PERSON’S PERCEPTION of the brand.

Below are 10 brands that I think have good touchpoints

1.       Don Jazzy on Twitter- Don Jazzy is a successful music producer and the CEO of Mavin Records. Most people that attain this level of success tend to become snobbish to fans and disconnect from them, but Don Jazzy is an exception. He actively interacts with fans on social media platforms especially on twitter. In comparison this touch point he shares with his fans is awesome.

2.       GTBank and Social Media: GTBank has a strong presence on many social media platforms. They are very quick to respond to questions and complaints on these platforms. This is a great move by the bank because they are conscious of the fact that they have a high percentage of customers on these platforms. An effective touchpoint don’t you agree?

3.       KFC and Point of sale- Have you had a bad service experience at a fast food outlet? Well, every time I have been to any KFC outlet, the service is always pleasant. From helping with orders to offering suggestions to confused customers, they provide fast service and do it with a smile on their faces.

4.       Access Bank and Banking Hall- A few days ago, I walked into an Access Bank branch and an attendant greeted me very politely and asked me what I needed. This is a powerful touchpoint for the bank because he made my banking experience start off right. When I was leaving, he said “Thanks for banking with US. Have a nice day”. Notice he said us. This means that he knows he is a part of the bank. I hope this happens in all their branches.

5.       Bunna Cafe and Service attendant: Bunna Café is a classy café that a friend and I went to in Abuja. We didn’t know some things listed on their menu, but the waiter made us comfortable and helped us make right choices by asking questions and giving suggestions. He was very polite. We were so impressed and referred a lot of people to go there, some of them did.


6.       Leke Alder and Twitter: Leke Alder is a brand building expert and marketing mogul with a busy schedule.  For me, one of his greatest touchpoints is twitter. From encouraging tweets to inspiring and motivating stories, he goes further and interacts with followers on this platform. For a busy man he sure does manage his time and followers’ well, that’s why I respect him and I’m sure a lot of people do as well.

7.        Wakanow + Phone: Wakanow is an online travel agency. I had doubts about them until I gave them a shot having been encouraged by a friend. I needed to make a trip from Lagos to Jos, so I followed the steps on their portal and in less than 10 minutes I got a mail that confirmed that my ticket was booked. That was satisfactory service.


8.        Linda Ikeji + Blog: Everybody knows Linda Ikeji; for good or not good reasons. Last year, she was named the most successful blogger in Africa. This touchpoint is so awesome that when people hear news, they log on to her blog to confirm if it’s true or not because she is very fast with information dissemination.

9.        Ndani + YouTube: Ndani’s Youtube touchpoint is very good for me because of their consistent video posts; from short films, humorous interviews to other interesting shows. They are so effective with this touchpoint that whenever I think of a place to watch interesting and fresh audiovisual content, I confidently check Ndani’s channel on YouTube.

10.        Sterling Bank + Facebook: A colleague of mine told me about Sterling bank’s presence on facebook. Sterling Bank is so efficient there and they try to respond to every comment posted on their page. So this makes their customers confident and sure that whenever they have something to say about the brand, Facebook is the place to say it.


By Seun Salako


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Delivery Speed and Turn Over

Everyone is on the clock these days. Time is ticking and companies have to make the best impression FAST. Your Delivery Speed is what separates you from competition and to do that, your delivery speed has got to be ON POINT!


Delivery speed and turn-over are key elements in preserving the lifespan of a brand.

They ensure the availability of a brand to the target market when it is needed, consequently ensuring its continued existence. Delivery speed is how quickly a brand can make its service available. It is the ability of a brand to shrink the time from the production to the delivery stage to ensure its availability when it is needed. Turn-over is the ability of a brand to keep itself in the market round-the-clock, meeting demand with supply with an effective production and reproduction system. It is the ability of a brand to never be scarce but keep reproducing.

While delivery speed ensures that service is made available in quick-time, turn-over maximizes that time to produce enough supply to meet the demands in the market. On a casual note though, a good way to measure both elements in a brand will be to ask the brand this rather intimate question- ‘will you be there when I need you?’, because at the end of the day the continued existence of a brand leans strongly on its ability to sustain its relevance through swift value creation and delivery.

To hit peak delivery speed and turn-over mark, it is important that brands maintain strong presence in the market and prevent scarcity. Brands must ensure they keep reproducing to maintaining their presence in the market, whilst meeting consumer needs and strengthening brand loyalty.

Truth be told, a consumer does not really care how long it takes to make a product or how tedious the process of production is, all he cares about is getting his needs met by having the product available when he needs it– is the product within reach when he needs it? If that product is not within his reach, suffice it to say that in today’s world of screaming ‘me toos’, that product or brand runs the risk of being replaced by competition and consequently, going extinct.


In my experience with brands, especially looking at brands that have been around since I was a kid and measuring them with the belief that they have over the years been effective in their delivery speed and turn-over, I present my choice 10. So many rival brands have sprung up in each of their categories and have somehow fallen either into the abyss of extinction or faded into oblivion but these brands have grown with time(and me) and have become a part of my life. Let’s just say they have been ‘there for me when I needed them’.

  1. Close Up
  2. Gala
  3. FirstBank
  4. Omo
  5. Choco Milo/ Milo
  6. Coca Cola
  7. UAC foods/ Mr Biggs
  8. Indomie instant noodles
  9. Maggi seasoning cube
  10. Peak Milk

By Toyosi Temitope

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Friendly Product Pricing

From Pricing to Effective Touch Points to Customer Service, Branding your company is THE most important way to put your organization on the map anywhere in the world. Our Series (which runs for 8 weeks) is going to be walking you through the different techniques on how to give your company The Decisive Advantage. Continue reading